Happy New Year From BracesInfo.com

Invisalign Tray 62010 takes some exciting turns in the wonderful world of orthodontics.   We look for the invisible technologies such as Invisalign to continue to be of interest to all people considering braces.    While not all people are candidates for Invisalign, it is certainly intriguing that many have the option not to have to wear traditional metal braces any longer. Come back to our orthodontic information site often as we have some developing sections that will include coverage on Invisalign along with  pricing and reviews.

With all forms of braces we stress the importance of wearing retainers in your post treatment phase.   One of the goals of BracesInfo.com is not only to educate those before and during braces treatment, but also after.   We see it too often that teenagers and adults think their treatment is over once the brackets come off.   The retainers are equally important part of your treatment, so wear them.

We will be calculating Dental Cost for 2010 as soon as the next set of numbers come out using the following logic:

(price in a city)=(us average price)*(dental inflation factor)*(dental geographic multiplier)

You can use our Dental Cost Calculator and view our methodology.

Stay tuned to our Braces Info Blog this year for more updates.

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