Orthodontic Update

Contents:Titles and abstracts of the newest and most important articles from the current orthodontic literature.

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  • Recent Advances In Class II treatment
  • Treatment advances
  • Facebow Injuries
  • Recent Advances In Class III treatment
  • Lip Bumpers
  • Chin Cups
  • Face Masks
  • Recent Advances In Orthodontic Pain Reduction
  • Recent Advances In Orthodontic Bonding
  • Bonding Tests
  • Recent Advances In Fluoride Cements
  • Recent advances in functional appliances
  • Does childhood orthodontics lower the risk of adult cardiovascular disease?
  • Recent Advances In Orthodontic Archwires
  • Improved Archwires
  • Metal Allergies In Orthodontics
  • Patch Test For Metals Allergies
  • Copper Poisoning
  • Recent Advances In Orthodontic Brackets
  • Recent Advances In Orthodontic Elastics
  • Improved Elastics
  • Latex Allergy (shortlist)
  • Latex Allergy (long list)
  • Recent advances in adult orthodontic care
  • Adult treatment update
  • Osteoporosis and Orthodontic Care
  • Root resorption
  • More root resorption
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