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Dental Company
Company Representing Typical Fees Monthly Costs For Individual Monthly Costs For Family
20 different plans Varies with plan: Unicare charges Exam $14 Cleaning $33 X-Rays $38 Filling $20 Varies with plan; unicare 100 costs $79.95 for 15 months of coverage (equivalent to $5.33/month) Varies with plan; unicare 100 costs $129.95 for 15 months of coverage (equivalent to $8.66/month)
Exam $5 Cleaning $15 X-Rays $15 Filling $20 $13 $15.75
Exam $11 Cleaning $25 X-Rays $34 Filling $34 (low option) $9 $15

This listing is provided as a public service. No representation is made about the accuracy of the information. This is not an exclusive list. It is just a list of people a that I have dealt with and judge to be reliable.

Please note that Careington is not insurance and does not make payments directly to providers. It is a discount program and you are obligated to pay for all health benefits. You will receive discounts for certain health care providers who have contracted with the plan. This plan is administered by Careington International Corporation, 7400 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco TX, 75034. The program and its' administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered. Note to Utah residents. Careington's contract is not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guarantee Association.