Frequently Asked Questions: Parents Of Orthodontic Patients (tm)

Includes answers to questions about the cost of orthodontic care, general questions about orthodontic treatment, suggested parents response to their child's concerns about braces, risks in orthodontics and other information about orthodontics.

Parents Of Children Getting Braces Table Of Contents

  • Questions About The Cost Of Orthodontic Care
    How Much Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?, Why is orthodontic treatment so costly?, Can I negotiate lower fees with my orthodontist? Is orthodontics worth the cost?, Can I pay in installments?, Can I get insurance to help pay for orthodontic treatment?, What are the alternatives if my child needs orthodontic treatment but I absolutely cannot afford it?
  • General Questions About Orthodontic Treatment
    What are the early symptoms of orthodontic problems? new What are the consequences of my child not getting needed orthodontic treatment? If poor orthodontia causes so many health problems, why didn't evolution/natural selection eliminate orthodontic problems?, At what age should my children start orthodontic treatment?, What is interceptive orthodontic treatment and is it necessary?, Can't I wait on interceptive orthodontic treatment until my child is older than 8?, What steps are involved in full orthodontic treatment? How long does full orthodontic treatment take? How can I find an orthodontist? What questions should I ask a prospective orthodontist? What are the other treatment options that I should consider? How much extra should the orthodontist charge me for Designer Braces(tm)? Tell me about extraction and non- extraction therapy, Lingual Braces
  • Suggested Parents Responses To Their Child's Concerns About Braces
    What is having braces like for my child?, How can I prevent my child from being embarrassed by wearing braces?, Do Braces Hurt? Should my children do anything special during their first week in braces?, Will braces cause sores in my child's mouth?, How long do the braces take to put on?, Will it hurt to put the braces on?, What holds the braces on?, Will my child have any limitations with braces?, What happens if my child swallows a part from their braces?, How Do I Convince My Child To Brush Their Teeth With braces? All about Orthodontic Rubber bands, Retainers, Ligating modules, facebows, Dangers in orthodontics: facebows snapping, allergic reactions, recycling. Can my child hear the radio on their braces?
  • Risks in orthodontics and other concerns
    Special concerns the allergic child. Special concerns for children with spina bifida. "Recycling" of orthodontic materials from one persons mouth to another persons mouth. All about: allergies to orthodontic wires, allergies to orthodontic rubber bands, sterilization of orthodontic products, TMJ damage during orthodontic procedures. Concerns about dental x-rays. new

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