Frequently Asked Questions: Teenage Orthodontic Patients (tm) Part 5

Includes: Discussion Of Kinds Of Braces, Stylish Braces

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    What Kinds Of Braces Are There?

    Contents: Kinds Of Braces, All About Stylish Braces(tm)

  1. What kinds of braces are there?

    Braces come in lots of different sizes and colors.

    First there are old fashioned braces. Old fashioned braces are big and clunky. They can cut your lips, and are generally uncomfortable.

    Then there are modern braces. Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than old fashioned braces. They have what is called a low profile design, which is less irritating to your lips. They also have special contours to make your orthodontic treatment go faster and be less painful.

  2. Are all modern braces the same?

    No. Modern braces are made with three different manufacturing processes, "machining", "metal injection molding", and "casting". Cast brackets are the most comfortable, so we, strongly recommend cast brackets to our customers.

    Then one has to consider the style of the braces. Stylish Braces(tm) come in a series of styles and colors. There are tooth colored braces which blend in so they barely can be seen. Designer braces (tm) in gold and sapphire to add a touch of class. Even Outrageous Braces (tm) in bright purple, pink, green and black for a decidedly outrageous look. You can even add sparkles(tm) in your school colors to jazz up your look.

  3. How do I get Stylish Braces(tm)?

    Talk to your orthodontist. He should be able to get you some.

  4. How much extra does it cost to get modern, designer braces(tm)?

    Surprisingly little. Modern, low profile, cast brackets only cost pennies more to make than old, clunky braces, so we sell them to your orthodontist for about the same price as old fashioned braces.

    Outrageous Braces (tm) or Gold Designer Braces(tm) cost the orthodontist about $50 to $100 more than standard braces. Sapphire braces cost $100-200 more.

  5. Do Sapphire Braces Contain Real Sapphires?

    Yes. We use synthetic polycrystalline sapphires.

  6. Do Gold Braces Contain Real Gold?

    Yes and No! Manufacturers have made braces out of solid gold, but they did not work well. Gold is too soft so part of the braces would bend and break.

    Now people use a combination of metals in our braces. Some parts are gold. Other parts contain gold mixed with other metals. We also coat some parts with something called "titanium nitride". Titanium nitride was invented by NASA to protect rocket engines. It is super-strong. Titanium nitride costs about twice as much as gold, but we think it is worth it, because titanium nitride lasts.

  7. Are there pictures of Stylish braces(tm) available on the net?

    We eventually are planning to post pictures of the various kinds of braces, but we are still working on it. In the meantime you will have to do with Cool Dude's picture

  8. Do all orthodontists offer stylish braces(tm)?

    No! Some orthodontists only offer clunky, old fashioned braces, because that is what the orthodontist learned how to use 20 years ago when the orthodontist was in school.

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