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  • What Needs To Be Done For A Bad Toothache?

    Hi im having a bad toothache on upper rear between my wisdom tooth and in front of it around the gum line. My whole right side of my face hurts what can it be? and what needs to be done to me?

  • Pain From Crowns?

    1 week ago I received 2 crowns. I believe it was 3 and 15. Assuming 3 is on the bottom, I am having nagging constant pain in that region of my mouth and it goes away with the use of NSAID's. Is this normal to feel this pain from just a crown?

  • Dental Estimate is incorrect

    I have an appointment for 6 dental crowns on Monday. The estimate they gave me say \'veneers\' on the bill. This particular office charges more for veneers than they do crowns. Price for a veneer 1500, price for a crown 1285. I feel like I am...

  • Do Crowns Last Your Entire LIfe?

    My 7 yr old child had a steel door hit her in the face she had 2 upper centrals chipped and 2 lower centrals chipped/broken she had to have 2 root canals on the lower centrals, she has also had post and core done but she needs braces to make...

  • Chipped fixed bridge repair?

    I have a upper fixed bridge between tooth 6-11. it has a metal frame and the teeth seem to be porcelain. I chipped tooth# 8, it is a large chip, but a clean breack and I found the piece that fell out. Unfortunately I am unemployed, and have no...

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