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  • Underbite Jaw Surgery and Now Have Sleep Apnea?

    I had a surgery about 14 years ago to fix a bad underbite issue. The doctor moved my lower jaw back, and my upper jaw foward. Now i have been digonesed with sleep apena. I am wondering if the surgery could have possably contrubited to my sleep...

  • What Needs To Be Done For A Bad Toothache?

    Hi im having a bad toothache on upper rear between my wisdom tooth and in front of it around the gum line. My whole right side of my face hurts what can it be? and what needs to be done to me?

  • Where would the injection site be for an Occlusal amalgam on tooth # 19?

    Where would the injection site be for an Occlusal amalgam on tooth # 19?

  • Pain From Crowns?

    1 week ago I received 2 crowns. I believe it was 3 and 15. Assuming 3 is on the bottom, I am having nagging constant pain in that region of my mouth and it goes away with the use of NSAID's. Is this normal to feel this pain from just a crown?

  • Question about braces Insurance

    I\'ve needed to get braces for a long time and now I have built up the courage to do it. The only problem is Im on my parents\' insurance and it covers me until my next birthday which is in a year. My question is will my insurance cover me? And if...

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