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  • Filling received one month ago still very sensitive and painful.

    Hi there, Over four weeks ago, I received composite fillings in about 16 teeth. I just got out of braces about two months ago, am in a vacuum formed retainer (no issues until now), and decided to get some fillings replaced and address some new...

  • My dentist says that my braces will be removed next week, I don't know why?

    I have been wearing braces for about 3 years. My dentist says that I will be removing them next week. But my teeth are not even aligned. They are not straight and my bottom teeth look slanted. I also have a popping noise in my right jaw which causes...

  • I have a hole in my tooth the pain is unbearable.

    Can I use temparin max to fill the hole temporary until my insurance kicks in on Friday? Or any suggestions for the severe pain?

  • Oral surgery or Sinus surgery

    Ive been giving this alot of thought, After an assault that ended with a removal of a piece or part under my maxillary sinuses I have had a terrible infection, that accumulates nasal discharge on the affected side, frontal and ethmoids sinuses in...

  • Pain from gingivitis treatment.

    I have been battling gingivitis for years. Recently I have been really stringent on fixing it. The past few days my mouth has been hurting.

  • My teeth came down

    Hi, I have had my bottom both side theet removed, now as there is a empty space the theet from top have come down, and now on the left side whenever I eat it is hurting my gum on the bottom. What should I do? Please help as I am in a very severe...

  • Sudden, numerous cavities have appeared

    I'm eighteen and have never had any cavities at all. In the past week, I noticed one cavity in my lower front tooth (in a spot that had a hole in the enamel since i was twelve and the dentist didn't treat). Suddenly, it seems, I am seeing dark spots...

  • Born With Yellow Teeth?

    I have a yellow teeth but it isn\'t because I don\'t brush my teeth. I was born with it. One of my dentish told me he can put a cap on top of it when am 16 year\'s old. But I switch dentist and the one I have now told me it well clear out by the...

  • Appliance used for Overbite

    So I need to know. What appliances would they use for an overbite. I am really curios because I am going to the Orthodontist in January and I am getting an Update because it has been almost 2 years since I went for a consultation. And I have been on...

  • anxiety after oral surgery

    Is it normal to have anxiety after having oral surgery with chest pains?I had four wisdom teeth removed&the tooth on top.

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