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  • getting braces off and overbite and elastics

    hi I have a few questions. so I had my braces on for almost 2 1/2 yrs (about) and I got my elastics about 3-4 months almost or maybe is 5 months now, but anyways, I always wear them and I have a 2mm overbite (about) (I tried to measure it). I'm...

  • Will orthognathic surgery stop mouth breathing?

    I had braces for two years in seventh and eighth grade. I have always been a mouth breather and had a terrible overbite going into braces. Now its been three years since I've had braces. My bite is generally lined up, however my front four top teeth...

  • Shotting Pain in jaw on lower right side of jaw

    What causes a shooting pain from the lower right side bottom of your mouth if you wear dentures?

  • Surgery for infected jaw bone

    hi there i had a tooth extracted just over 3 years ago now and have been back to the dentist many many times since then due to a big lump above extraction site plus keep getting abscesses , have burning and sting to right side of tongue, he always...

  • I have four tiny brown cavities on my teeth, Is this all it is?

    So I already know I have cavities, But now i'm scaring the crap out of myself because I read the symptoms of Root canals. So I eat perfectly on one side of my mouth, i can mostly eat on the other side aswell, but it hurts SOMETIMES. The thing is I...

  • What is causing bizarre changes in my mouth?

    I was dx with thrush six months ago. Since symptoms left (except for sores on tongue), I have experienced: Frequent cheek biting, so much so I developed a lisp due to trying to protect the inside of my mouth Transparent strips of dead skin (?),...

  • Is folic acid harmful to your enamel?

    I already know about how bad phosphoric acid and citric acids are for your enamel, but what I've been wondering about is if folic acid will do the same damage? Why or why not? If not, does folic acid benefit your teeth and/or mouth at all? Is it...

  • Is oral problems causes the swollen of lymph nodes?

    I have these swelling of lymph node in my neck. Would it be possible that my dental problem is one of the possible cause of it?

  • My front teeth are not in sequence in upper jaw

    hi dr. My teeth are healthy. But in front my upper teeth are not on corect position. Kindly advise me to take these in order to make my smile beautiful. Thanks

  • Is grinding the mesial surfaces of teeth to make room a standard orthodontic practice?

    My daughter has had braces for almost 2 years. She is due to get them removed in May or June of this year. I asked our orthodontist if she is on track to have them removed on time, or if it will take additional time. He said her bottom are still...

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