Gingivitis Questions

  • Pain from gingivitis treatment.

    I have been battling gingivitis for years. Recently I have been really stringent on fixing it. The past few days my mouth has been hurting.

  • What do I do for intense pain in my gums and throat caused by gum infection?

    I have intense pain in my mouth around my gums.. I went to a dentist months ago they gave me antibiotics and mouth wash. The infection Is back and I cannot eat anything that I have to chew. Chewing causes intense pain. And now my throat is...

  • Why is it swollen ?

    The inside of my mouth is swelling up,The vanes are getting red each day, The front were my tooth is connected is swollen and the back were of the corner is more worst it is swollen as well. Is it a infection bad or somthing ? It's been like that...

  • Deep Cleaning

    Does a deep cleaning cause the gum to re-adhere to tooth or just shrink the gum up? Thank you !

  • I really want to know what's going on I'm only 15.

    Okay, so about a week ago I felt a slight pain in my top front tooth. It wasn't very painfull but I felt my tooth and it was a little wobbly. After about a day, the tooth next to it was also wobbly. Within 4 days the whole top row was a little loose...

  • White/yellow bumps in mouth

    Friday I noticed an odd pain in my mouth, the next day I decided to look at it as the pain was not going away. I noticed below my front lower teeth there was a yellow/white bump with red swelling around it. I waited to see if it would go away and...

  • Bleeding Gums

    I take really good care of my teeth but within the last 2 and a half weeks my gums have been sore and have been bleeding even when they are not being brushed. I have even tried using a soft brush and that is too hard on my teeth, I have had to start...

  • What will the dentist do for me?

    Both of my gum lines have receded and have bacteria that is deteriorating the teeth and white spots along the gum. What will the dentist do for me?

  • Fearful dentle dilema

    in past I was diagnosed with gingavitus but have been trying very hard to reverse it. however in the last couple months a new sypmtom popped up sometimes when I am eating or even when im just sitting there my teeth will feel like they are loose...

  • Bad Breath Causes And Cures?

    I talk to people and they keep on holding their nose and turning their heads away. I went to my dentist and after she did some test on me, said i dont have cavities or oral cancer. i want to know if there are other causes for my bad breath and if it...

  • Gum disease

    I am a 57 year old female. I have Periodontitis (gum disease).. and my front teeth are straying.. I have always had an overbite, but now the teeth are twisting and more pronounced (they stick out more).. Is there some kind of retainer or any other...

  • Ultrasonic Scaler For Use At Home?

    If I purchase a Ultrasonic Scaler, can I use it at home instead of going to a Dentist? I do not have dental insurance and the Dentist wants over $1,000 to do a deep cleaning. I watched several videos online on how to use a Ultrasonic Scaler and the...

  • Can You Get Braces If You Have Bad Gum Disease?

    Is it common to go through braces when you have BAD peridontial disease? Do they help to stablize the teeth?

  • Mouth Wash Differences?

    what is the difference between wash and rinse with regard to antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial? i have early periodentitis and am looking for the best product to useto manage biofilm thank you

  • what is a fistula

    what is a fistula

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