Extractions Questions

  • Would it be better to have the tooth Extracted or find a affordable dentist?

    I am a 21 and I suffer from GERD. Sadly my teeth pay that price. Yesterday, I had the molar (beside my canine) partially break on the bottom (just in the front.) And it caused no pain. I did have a filling in that tooth and part of the filling came...

  • Infection where tooth was extracted

    Hi I just got my back right tooth extracted 3 days ago and I'm concerned that it might be infect it has a greenish yellow colour to it and it is gooey but there is no oozing of any sort but I would lil to know if its infected or not? Also I have no...

  • Tooth extractions while on blood thinner

    How can I get teeth extracted while on blood thinner.I am 77 and run a great risk of another stroke if I go off blood thinner. George

  • Can you get dry socket after two weeks?

    Hello I just got my wisdom teeth cut out not pulled cut out two weeks ago on a tuesday by the way i had 5 removed i didnt even know it was possible to have so many, my healing is going well but I'm concerned about how long will it be before I'm in...

  • Will upper tooth extraction cause premature aging?

    Hello, thank you for reading. I'm 30 years old and have decided to get lingual braces after never having braces when I was younger, but having a slight overbite and crooked teeth that have bothered me for some time. Upon my last consultation, the...

  • i am scared i did something wrong after extraction?

    I had an extraction today and was told i could not brush. However i was also told that i couldeat soft foods and got a piece of rice stuck. I uaed a brush to get it out. There is ni bleeding but i am six months pregnant and do not want to do...

  • Need braces, they want to extract 4 teeth and have tmj.

    Hi i went to orthodontist for a consultation and they told me i have crowded and big teeth and that they would need to extract 4 teeth in order for me to have aligned teeth. On the other hand i have tmj and i think its because of my misalignment....

  • Dry Socket or not?

    Hi, Basically i had some very bad impacted teeth and had 3 extractions done, in 2 days. Dentist took very long to get them out around 1 - 1/2 hours for 2 teeth and 1 hour for another tooth, All 3 teeth taken out are from my bottom jaw, 1 from the...

  • I've had 4 extractions, am I a candidate for braces?

    I had to have 4 extractions done due to decay. On the top, my two 6 year molars, on the bottom, one six year molar and one twelve year molar. My ortho says that he can close the spaces with braces and using TADS. Any advice? Does this sound...

  • To pull #11 after the repair failed.

    I'm 58 yrs old no real big problems with my teeth in the past. One and half years ago I broke the #11 tooth flush with the gum line. The nerve was showing but no pain. Dentist repaired tooth with pins and filling material pressed into a form over...

  • 1 week after wisdom teeth extraction, dry socket or something else?

    I got 4 wisdom teeth extracted exactly 1 week ago and now the bottom right has a small hole and hurts especially when air hits it. Is it possible that it's a dry socket or did the stitches fall out, though they are dissolvable?

  • Should a dentist be allowed to?

    Should a dentist be aloud to put you under if you are on antibiotics for a UTI and you have Anxiety? and if not then is it right for them to tell you because you cancelled we are not going to see you again

  • My daughter needs a tooth extracted

    Can my daughter (14)have a tooth extracted to make room for another tooth/ we can afford braces at this point, but would like to have the tooth pulled anyway and let nature take its course. Is this possible?

  • Smoking After Extraction?

    I was wondering if it is safe to smoke after 5 days after wisdom teeth extraction even if swelling has gone down??

  • How should I pull it?

    I know it is not safe to do so, but I\'m going to pull my cracked tooth using a pair of pliers. What is the best way to do so?

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