Pediatric Dentistry Questions

  • Are my teeth strong enough for braces? Could I have dental implants or veneers and caps

    Hello my name is Matthew I am 15.My teeth are not in very good condition at all. I have had a few teeth extracted when I was younger and I have intrinsic stains on some of my teeth.My teeth are fairly yellow.I have had an abscess which was a...

  • Is oral problems causes the swollen of lymph nodes?

    I have these swelling of lymph node in my neck. Would it be possible that my dental problem is one of the possible cause of it?

  • Bad Breath In Four Year Old

    My son is four. He has horrible bad breath. I\'ve brushed his teeth, flossed and used mouth wash but he still has bad breath after about a minute. It smells like he has an infection or something. What do I do?

  • How long does it take for the abcess to go after root cannel

    Hi.. My son is four and a half years old he had a abcess on his front tooth gum the dentist suggested a root cannel .. Its bemm three days after root cannel but the abcess is still there does it take time to go or do we have to do something else.....

  • Tooth pushed up sideways in gum

    My son six year old molars came in on top. On oneside the molar pushed the back tooth side ways up in the gum. It sits sideways in his gum Its loose but it feel like it wedge in the gum. Should it be remove? Will it hurt his gum if it stays that...

  • 5 yr old bleeding gums, Is this normal?

    Hi, My daughter is five years old and her last visit to the dentist was about 3-4 months ago. They took a panorex and stated that her teeth were a little cramped (her baby teeth are perfect, which I know isn\'t good) and that she may need to have...

  • My 8 year has peg teeth and no permanents growing

    My dentist told me my 8 year old daughter has a growth chart he has never seen before and he has been in practice for 40 years. I took her in because her right lateral incisor fell out 6 months ago and is growing in very slowly. You have only been...

  • Metal-Spacers aching

    I got my \'metal\' spacers a few years ago.Since Saturday it has been really painful.Another baby tooth is growing under it.I cant really even chew or swallow well.I dont know what I should do?

  • Adult front tooth covered by gum

    My 7.5 year old daughter has her 2 front adult teeth in (half way grown), but one of them is covered in (hard) gum and has been that way for over a year. Her pediatric dentist said it would be a good idea to have an oral surgeon cut the gum away....

  • Tooth and Gum question

    Hey 10yrold daughter has a new k9 tooth coming in on the bottom row and the old one is still there a has a slight wiggle to it. In front of that in the gum area it looks like it is infected. So I wait until the tooth comes out naturally, do I try to...

  • Childs tooth Decaying?

    If a 4 year old girl has a decaying tooth should you just wait for it to fall out or do something about it?

  • my 3 month old baby teething.

    My 3 month old daughter is teething and I wanted to know if its normal for her to be licking her gums where her teeth are growing?

  • Bottle rot?

    should my daughter have her 20 month olds teeth caped, pulled or just cleaned. Don\'t they fall out naturally around age 4 or 5?

  • Late teething out of sequence

    My son is 18 he has 4 upper incisors and 2 lower central incisors. His first lower molars r just erupting but his lateral lower incisors show no sign of eruption! Is this pattern normal for his age considering he is also very late! He had his first...

  • 10 year old with Perm teeth on top of baby teeth?

    My 10 year old has a permanent tooth coming in on top of her one of her baby teeth. It is located on the top section, four away from the right front tooth. What does this mean, and what will the dentist do.

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