Dentures Questions

  • Shotting Pain in jaw on lower right side of jaw

    What causes a shooting pain from the lower right side bottom of your mouth if you wear dentures?

  • Will bad impressions ruin a denture?

    Yesterday I had an appointment to get impressions made for dentures. Which i will be getting in 5 days. Super nervous! Anyways.. I\'m scared I messed the impressions up. They filled this tray with goop and made me bite down on it. The first and...

  • Does an Otrhodontist do flexible soft Valplast dentures

    Should I visit an Orthodontist for a soft flexible Valplast 1 tooth partial denture?

  • Immediate Denture Sleeping

    I recently had 28 teeth extracted. It's been 48 hours. I've had my immediate dentures in constantly. I'm wondering if i still have to sleep in them or not. Do i have to keep them in 24 hours a day except for cleaning?

  • How do i keep mouth moist with dentures?

    I had dentures put in last spring now im having trouble blowing my duck calls. It drys my mouth out and cant call for very long. Do you have any suggestions on how to continually keep the moisture in my mouth. Thanks for your time.

  • Just Got Dentures Today

    I just had 4 upper teeth pulled and dentures put in.The dentist was unable to retrive the entire canine and said there was a root left - what did i want to . She said she was breaking my bone and that i could just leave the root and either my...

  • about how much should it cost to get rest of teeth on top removed and dentures made

    With delta coverage?

  • How do I remove an overbite?

    I have an overbite and I look like a rabbit because my two upper front teeth are big. How do I get rid of it?

  • when is a denture the problem

    My husband got a full upper denture 3 weeks ago. He had 8 teeth pulled. He could not eat without pain until 3 days ago. However, he still cannot bite anything. His upper denture overhangs his lower front teeth in front enough that you can stick a...

  • Thick Piece Of Gum Sticking Out After Tooth Removal

    OK I'm 17, I just got my top teeth pulled 4 days ago and now i have this little piece of thick gum sticking out were my two front teeth were at. I don't know what it is or if it will ever go away, all i know is that my tongue keeps going to it and...

  • Flipper

    Can you change the shade of a tooth of a flipper after it has been made or will you have to have a whole new flipper made????

  • Costs To Have 2 Teeth Pulled

    My ex-wife has some dental work which needs done and asked me to look into the cost for her. She is needing the top front two teeth pulled along with the one tooth just to the left of the front top. I am sending this to try to find the cost of...

  • mouth guards for contact sports. karate

    I'm a 37 year old male who had his top teeth extracted. With no teeth is it possible to get a mouth guard that will protect from conclusions without wearing my dentures and what would be the price of such a thing.

  • Spending $$ vs Dentures

    I have spent more than $15k dollars on my teeth in the last 3 years which includes 5 implants, root canals, and numerous bridges which have to be re-glued every 3 months or so because theyu keep coming off. I wanted to have dentures in the...

  • What is the vestibule in the mouth?

    Dr. explaining about the mouth and used the term vestibule? exactly where is it?

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