I can't afford a dentist, what are my options?

I've recently went to the dentist for some problems I have been having. I was in the military, USMC, and I had some root canals done while I was in there. Well, I never got root canals put on them so all the feelings came out, and all the teeth broke off. There is a total of four broken teeth that I have and it only has little tiny pieces of tooth left which cause my gums to bleed in those areas. I haven't had the money to go to the dentist and still don't. This last time I went, they said that they were looking at about 13,000 dollars worth of work. I got so overwhelmed and felt so defeated that I began to cry and walked out of there. It's gotten so bad that I think it has started to cause health problems. Some of the things they said I needed are crowns, root canals, and bridges. I also am terrified that I might have mouth cancer, but when I saw the dentists this last month, I didn't mention it to him that I had this fear. I am a male and only 30 yrs old. Is there anything that you can say or do to help me and also to help put my mind at ease? I feel like my mouth will never get fixed because I can't afford it. I have a wife and six kids and I'm the only one that is working right now. Is there anything that I can do? I've also tried to get financing and I wasn't able to get approved.

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