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Wish I had used traditional braces
Rating: 2 Stars

I am at the midpoint of my Invisalign Express treatment, and my teeth are improving. My issue with Invisalign is that my dentist and the advertisements misrepresented the product. I was shocked to discover I had to have attachments put on almost all ... (read more)

Invisalign Journey
Rating: 5 Stars

I am starting Invisalign treatment on February 10th, 2016. This was a helpful article. For those of you considering getting Invisalign, I have made an Invisalign Journey VLOG. It answers many of the questions people have initially before starti... (read more)

Invisalign was a huge mistake
Rating: 1 Stars

I first decided to undergo Invisalign treatment because I had a problem with my bite. It was not exactly an underbite but my top teeth were occluding with my bottom teeth in the front. I was also looking forward to getting straighter teeth as an ... (read more)

Gave Me Confidence In My Smile
Rating: 5 Stars

My teeth were extremely crowded on the bottom and the top had spaced. After 15 months of Invisalign, my teeth are just about perfect. I am extremely happy with the results and I recommend it to everyone. NO one even knew I was using the produc... (read more)

good investment
Rating: 5 Stars

I travel a lot for business and needed braces. I was unsure how that would work because I go out of town monthly for my work. I knew with braces you needed to go once a month for adjustments. This wouldn't have been possible for me. The orthodo... (read more)

Dentist thinks we're done, teeth aren't corrected
Rating: 1 Stars

I have been a perfectly compliant adult patient for ~ 18 months, investing in this orthodontic project to correct some forward drift of lower teeth that were hitting upper teeth. A lot of progress has been made, but now my front teeth have gaps i... (read more)

Loving Invisalign
Rating: 5 Stars

I couldn't be happier with my experience with invisalign. I'm only a few weeks away from being done with my initial treatment and then will only have a few adjustments. I've seen great movement, and have even notice my teeth getting a bit white... (read more)

Don't do it
Rating: 1 Stars

Having just completed a course of Invisalign I would not recommend it; this product is a con -the aligners are neither invisible, nor do they align your teeth; beyond some fractional improvement my teeth look no different in the before and after photos... (read more)

Wonderfull way to straighten teeth
Rating: 5 Stars

After reading many mixed reveiws of invisalign i have finally decided to write my own reveiw of this fantastic product. For years i was very aware of my severly over-crowded teeth(my ortho's description), until i finally decided to look into correctin... (read more)

one of the worst decisions I ever made
Rating: 1 Stars

If you want straight teeth go to an orthodontist. Ask yourself, what if clear braces they don't straighten your teeth correctly- a dentist can do nothing but say, "that is what the tray does". An ortho can make an adjustment. I was told 6 months, I'... (read more)

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