ceramic braces better alternatuve then traditional metal braces

I never had braces growing up but was unhappy with my teeth. I did not like the thought of having metal braces due to the fact I smile a lot. Being older I wanted other options. Invisalign seemed a little crazy. The treatment coordinator offered the ceramic braces. I went ahead and had them. I was not embarrassed to have them on and could still smile and not be self concious about havig braces. The only negative is seeing how I only went for monthly adjustments the ties that held the wire in the bracket sometimes turned a yellowish color. I had to be careful not to drink anything with red dyes or eat things that would turn them color. Overall I would recommened the ceramic "clear" braces to anyone not willing to do the metal braces.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Location: miami
Insurance Covered: Partial
Insurance Provider: Humana
Coverage: With my insurnace plan my treatment was $6,500. The insurnace cover 1,500$ for orthodontic treatment . I had to out 1,000 down and the remaining 4,000$ which I was able to spilt into 22 monthly payments.
Actual Cost: $ 65,000

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