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  • Drinking Alcohol and Oral Surgery Using Propofol

    If I drink heavily, is propofol safe to use for oral surgery ? They used ketamine the first time and surgery was not completed because my body reacted badly, is that normal ?

  • Alternative to Dental Anesthesia

    I have had two right upper molars (#2 & 4) prepped for crowns. I had bad reactions to the anesthesia, even with no adrenaline or epinephrine. I am scheduled to have the two crowns placed soon, and would like to know if there are any other...

  • Metal Braces and Invisalign

    I have recently seen an orthodontist and since it was my first time, they only took pictures of my teeth but I have many questions that need answers. I have a crowding issue and I know I need teeth removed but I was wondering if it's possible to get...

  • Possibilty to Fill Gaps Between Teeth

    I have large gaps between my my question is that is it possible tofill the types of gaps with braces or something else.and how it is expensive?

  • Root canal hurting

    Had root canal done on top left molar 1 year ago and now it's throbbing and bleeding when I floss. Hurts when I bite down too...

  • Piercing And Wisdom Teeth?

    Hi I am 18 and have recently gotten a piercing that is under the tongue. I am going for an wisdom teeth consultation tomorrow and I know they will be taking an x ray that will show the piercing, if I ask politely will it be allowed for them not to...

  • How can I close my gap?

    Hello, I am 16 and have already had braces. My braces came off when I was about 13. Due to lack of wearing my retainer, my two front teeth are starting to show a small gap. What is the most effective way to fix this as soon as possible? Thank you!

  • my braces are stained

    A small part of my brace is stained and is turning slightly green. It is the top of a chain like structure which is on top of the archer connecting two teeth either side of a gap where one of my teeth were removed. I wanted to know if except for...

  • Is it normal for white/yellow stuff to be on the exraction site?

    I got an extraction 2 days ago and yesterday white/yellow stuff started to show on the site. Is that normal? I can see on side of the hole but not the other. It doesn't hurt, but could it be an infection or start of dry socket? When can you start...

  • Questions about my Expander

    Is my expander ready to come out ?? it's been in since January 29, 2016 and I stopped turning it on 3/2/16 and it is now 7/10/16. I know they stay for 4-6 months but I just want to know if it's ready to come out. maybe another month ??? an estimate...

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