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Bone graph

two bottom front teeth extracted. Had bone graph. White membrane is covering socket. No gum tissue is over membrane. When membrane is removed, will I have exposed jawbone? Should membrane be covered with gum tissue? I do not understand....

Jaw Surgery Doesn't Feel Right - Le Fort

I recently had le fort I upper jaw advancement and feel like it isn’t right. Any help or advice is appreciated. I had braces at the age of 18 that camouflaged underlining issues with very narrow palate. I had many teeth removed growing up also. I...

Nerve issues after extraction

I had a upper ‘cut’ out 3-1/2 months ago. The root was in my sinus cavity. The sinus cavity was compromised. Hole has finally closed but still have tingling and burning and nerve sensitive over extraction sight. Will this ever stop?

Is this Dry Socket?

I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago and the pain has been the same ever since anesthesia wore off. It's never really lessened. I am concerned I got a dry socket because I work as a nurse and the pain seemed to be getting better at...

Dentist had to take my jaw out of alignment for surgery and couldnt get it put back in place.

When i was 12yrs old (now 30) my dentist had to do dental surgery and had tk take my jaw out of alignment to reach the back teeth but he said he could not get it back in alignment properly.... but its been pain every since when i open my mouth,my...

Weird circle roof of mouth

I have this weird circle on the roof of my mouth that started a few weeks ago and continues to grow. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't hurt, but I'm concerned. It has a red border and is red inside. It isn't raised and it doesn't have an ulcer of...

How to move bite back to original position after forward moving orthotic?

I was put in a forward moving orthotic for several months for tmj and it has created a lot of pain. I can no longer touch my back teeth. Why type of orthodontics can pull the lower jaw back so back teeth meet again?

I have bone graph problems

I had a bone graph done over a month ago and the pain is unbearable I even went to the er this weekend the dentist told me last week every looked fine but the pain is too much what do I need to do...there is no way that this is normal

x rays necessity

Is it reasonable for a dentist to require me to do annual x-ray for back teeth if I have no signs or symptoms of dental (or any other medical) problems for the last 10 years? I am in my 30s. Dentist's reasoning for x-rays is pockets 3-4mm and 1...

Can I still get braces if I have gingivitis?

I was told I have gingivitis about 2 years ago. I thought I had good oral hygiene. I don’t notice any bone loss or gum recession but my main concern is I’m looking into getting braces soon and I’m wondering if having gingivitis will effect me from...

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