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  • What is wrong with my cheeks?

    So a few weeks ago, I switched toothpaste. I now have a white jelly like substance in the lining of cheeks! For some reason I scraped it off with my finger. Most of it came off, however, it looks like I maybe scraped to much or to hard? The are...

  • My teeth appear slanted after braces.

    Dr. Thompson- I got my braces off about a month ago and have been wearing my retainer as prescribed- 22hrs a day, 7 days a week. However, I noticed that my teeth are weirdly slanted after the treatment. The top slant up from right to left and the...

  • Taking Plan B pill 3 days prior to wisdom teeth extraction

    Hello, I took an emergency contraceptive pill this morning. I have oral surgery scheduled for this Friday at 2pm. Is it safe to go through with the surgery or should I postpone due to taking this pill?

  • What would I need to have done for changes in teeth after braces?

    I have had braces for 6 in a half years. I had them removed about 2 years ago and just recently started to not wear my clear retainers. I have noticed that a top tooth has protruded out a bit not noticeable unless by a trained orthodontist and...

  • Is my dentist following the best method?

    Hi my dentist has started work on my mouth to straighten my teeth I'm told I have a v shaped palate so I'm currently wearing a palate expander he then wants to pull my back moulders to let my wisdoms come up and do braces to straighten my teeth is...

  • Drinking Alcohol and Oral Surgery Using Propofol

    If I drink heavily, is propofol safe to use for oral surgery ? They used ketamine the first time and surgery was not completed because my body reacted badly, is that normal ?

  • Alternative to Dental Anesthesia

    I have had two right upper molars (#2 & 4) prepped for crowns. I had bad reactions to the anesthesia, even with no adrenaline or epinephrine. I am scheduled to have the two crowns placed soon, and would like to know if there are any other...

  • Metal Braces and Invisalign

    I have recently seen an orthodontist and since it was my first time, they only took pictures of my teeth but I have many questions that need answers. I have a crowding issue and I know I need teeth removed but I was wondering if it's possible to get...

  • Possibilty to Fill Gaps Between Teeth

    I have large gaps between my my question is that is it possible tofill the types of gaps with braces or something else.and how it is expensive?

  • Root canal hurting

    Had root canal done on top left molar 1 year ago and now it's throbbing and bleeding when I floss. Hurts when I bite down too...

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