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  • Is it normal for white/yellow stuff to be on the exraction site?

    I got an extraction 2 days ago and yesterday white/yellow stuff started to show on the site. Is that normal? I can see on side of the hole but not the other. It doesn't hurt, but could it be an infection or start of dry socket? When can you start...

  • Late teething out of sequence

    My son is 18 he has 4 upper incisors and 2 lower central incisors. His first lower molars r just erupting but his lateral lower incisors show no sign of eruption! Is this pattern normal for his age considering he is also very late! He had his first...

  • Immediate Denture Sleeping

    I recently had 28 teeth extracted. It's been 48 hours. I've had my immediate dentures in constantly. I'm wondering if i still have to sleep in them or not. Do i have to keep them in 24 hours a day except for cleaning?

  • Worried about possible dry socket after extraction

    Hi there, I just had a tooth pulled today(2nd from the back, bottom left), and i am somewhat worried that a dry socket will form. I've kept the gauze on the extracion site all day, eaten/drank with it in place, and i have this terrible habit of...

  • Adjusting a crown.

    My dentist prepared my tooth and took the mold for the crown. He had an issue getting a good mold and after 4 tries felt he was successful. Due to financial reasons, I wore my temporary crown for 2 1/2 months before I could go back and have the...

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