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Canker Sore

Canker sore gone rouge.

So for 4 weeks I've had this gone rouge canker sore. I'm getting it surgically removed in 2 months. It's so noticeable although it's in the inside of my bottom lip. I also wear bottom retainers and that makes the pain 2x worse. What can I do to...

Gums where wisdom teeth were removed after 2 years seem to be suddenly opening again.

I had my wisdom teeth out almost 2 years aago. And just earlier I had noticed that I tasted slight blood in my mouth. I came to realize that where I had my wisdom teeth removed it seemed like it was starting to open back up again. It's slightly...

Twin blocks

So I have had twin block braces for coming up to a year now and I find them very irritating and annoying, as well as very embarrassing so I don’t wear them much, I can’t stand going to school with them in because I can’t hardly speak with them...

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