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Is my gum healing or is it infected?

I had a Pre-Molar Extraction 5 days ago. Pain is minimal and swelling has reduced. My left jaw line gland has been swollen since before the extraction and no sign of it going down. Inside the extraction sight as you see in the image there’s a strange substance, I haven’t got a foul taste other than it tasting metallic. My question is is this just a scab or is it infected, my biggest fear is sepsis in the jaw as many family members have had issues with teeth. Any help with this will be...

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So I have dry socket? Is it infected or healing well? 9 days after wisdom tooth extraction

Hi!! This is my first ever tooth extraction, I’m wondering if I have dry socket ? Or an infection? Or is it healing normally? It’s been 9 days since having my impacted wisdom tooth removed. The place I went to really didn’t give me any information on how to care for the site just “don’t eat hard stuff or drink thru a straw the first 24” so I had NO idea about a blood clot that needed to form or ANYTHING. I haven’t had a super lot of pain, mild pain really more of a ache from my jaw/neck to...

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Bumps back of tongue

Hi my name is Florian Kolberg, Ive had the feeling that something is stuck in the back of my tongue for about 4 days now. When I look into my mouth with a flash light I can see alot of bumps but one looks bigger and inflamed. It looks whitish I’m a little concerned that it could be something serious. Thanks for your help

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What should I do about a single miss aligned tooth

Okay so, to explain this I have over crowding in my bottom front set of teeth. Whats happened is you know you have the front 4 teeth, one of the middle teeth to be exact the right middle one has been pushed back into my mouth behind the other 3. Thus has moved my center line of. So my question is, to fix this would it be better to apply pressure to move it forward using my tongue? Or if that doesn't work and is a myth what about using a standard aligner. You can get them online they're...

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Extraction and Braces instead of impant

Hello, I had a root canal done on tooth #13 a few years ago, but there was so much decay on the tooth that my dentist had to drill most of the tooth. Because of how little of the tooth is left the crown does not fit correctly, leaving a bit of a gap. The dentist that did the root canal suggested that in the future I get it extracted and get an implant, but also suggested that I get it extracted and instead of getting an implant that I get braces to correct the crowding on my upper and...

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