Dental Braces Questions

  • Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

    I lost the buccal tube on my first molar. I’m instructed to wear class 2 elastics. I fear that if I stop wearing elastics then my treatment will be prolonged. I’m still on my second week. Can I put my elastics on my 2nd premolar instead?

  • Does orthodontic bite block cause breathing breathing?

    I have bite blocks on my rear teeth on both sides of my mouth to prevent me from biting down and braking my bottom braces. However because of the bite guards I tend to breath in too much air, I wake up with a dry mouth (not due to my mouth being...

  • Sore Jaws, Do I Need Braces?

    Hi I’ve been having issues with my jaws the feeling of them being extremely sore and I also cannot bite completely down on one of my sides of my mouth my teeth don’t look perfect or good they look “normal” I guess you can call it what would...

  • I have Dental implants, can I wear braces?

    Hello - I had a space between my two front teeth up until I was 20 years old, when I had braces. Several years later, I had complete implants done (something I've regretted) and now, 15 years later the space has returned between my front teeth. I...

  • Want to remove braces

    I have put my braces 9 months ago and it has changed my face...I want my face back I want to remove braces will my teeth get back to its original position ...I am not satisfied my face is looking very flat please advice

  • Rubber bands causing severe pain

    I am 16 years old. I have had rubber bands for about a month and ever time I wear them I get a really bad head ach and sevier neck pain. Is this normal? And can bands even cause this pain? This has caused me to not be able to focus in school and...

  • Expander and Braces

    A little over a week ago I got my expander in. I’ve been doing all the turning that my orthodontist told me to do. I was wondering if I do all my turns will I get braces on at my next appointment or will I have to wait a couple more months.

  • I haven’t worn my retainers for three months.

    Back in August I stopped wearing my retainers. But recently I decided that is should wear them again. After putting them on they still fit. But the wire that goes across my teeth does not reach the middle of teeth and pops off easily. I don’t have...

  • A question about my braces

    Hi there! I currently have braces and I'm scheduled to get them off in 2 months. However, I have small concerns with my teeth. Before I got my braces, I had a bad crossbite, but now it is corrected and my bite is great. My concern is that my midline...

  • How necessary is it to get my bite fixed at the age of 35?

    Hello, I'm 35 and have been recommended by my dentist to get my bite fixed. I have an overbite, tooth crowding and a rotated upper left inciser. I don't care about the aesthetics, I like the way I look now, but I do care about my health. I don't...

  • Will it be a bad idea to get my braces off?

    I am 16, I have had braces for almost 4 years, and I have really wanted to get them off because they have caused me to feel very insecure. Will this be a bad idea if I tell my orthodontist to please remove my braces?

  • Does it look like my daughter needs braces?

    My daughter has some spacing in her teeth. Some misshaped teeth and her top and bottom row doesn’t match up and I wanted to know from the looks does it look like she needs braces? She also bites down on her jaw alot

  • Can the hard cement stuff on my back top teeth that I got after I got my braces be removed ?

    I just went to the orthodontist and got my braces but he put some white hard stuff on the back top teeth one on each side and it's hard to eat and it's really uncomfortable so I was wondering if it was really that necessary to have it? It feels...

  • Problems after having my teeth straightened

    I had my teeth straightened and this was completed over a year ago now, since then I have had a build up of thick saliva on my top front teeth only, so I constantly have to keep clearing it and find myself swallowing all the time even whilst...

  • How long will it take for the gap from my palate expander to disappear?

    I’m about to get a palate expander and i’m scared for not being able to pronounce my words and to have a gap in my 2 front teeth.

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