Toothache Questions

Bit hard and something went in between my two teeth

I ate popcorn three days ago and I was eating and all of the sudden I felt like something was stuck in between my premolar and molar on the upper right. It was a feeling if a lot of pressure like something stuck in between and even biting down the...

Cracked tooth

Hello I have a cracked tooth next to my wisdom tooth! I been taking antibiotics n pain pills n it still hurts! I have no dental insurance and no funds to pay for one! Do you think I should buy the filing tube to cover it? Please tell me what to do

How can I stop biting down on my own teeth

Hello I was just wondering how can I stop biting down on my own teeth? I need help I can’t seem to stop no matter how hard I try it just doesn’t seem to work I am seeing results of my teeth shortening down help me please.

How Can I Fix My Pain?

I’m in extreme pain my moler tooth is aching and i have braces. I haven’t gone to my appointment because of covid. 

Can my teeth and gums be saved?

On the bottom lower ray of teeth my gums are thin.Mostly on the 2 front teeth you can see the gun roots just barely.They ache a lot but it’s not sever it’s only maybe a 5/10 for the pain. My question is...Can my teeth be saved before it’s to late?

Throbbing pain on my left side

I have no teeth on my bottom left side but when I eat on my right side a throbbing pin generates on my left side. Also happens when I talk, yawn and when something cold its it. My dentist checked my left side nd it as fine but he did suggest a route...

Why cold fluid helps? Never had this.

Ever since I was little. Only one nostril can breath. And it migrates from one side to another. I take afrin. For over a year. I cannot pinpoint a tooth that is the cause . Every couple minutes multiple teeth gum majority of face and ears throb....

Do I have an abscess?

I am a 31 old female i have type 1 diabetes and stage 3 liver disease. I also have a crossbite in the front due to an accident 17 years ago. Over the years with my diabetes and my crossbite all my teeth are super loose and rotted I also have missing...

I have bone graph problems (Answered)

I had a bone graph done over a month ago and the pain is unbearable I even went to the er this weekend the dentist told me last week every looked fine but the pain is too much what do I need to do...there is no way that this is normal

Do I need to be concerned?

I had an extraction this past Friday(4 almost 5 days ago). I'm experiencing occasional jaw discomfort and occasional pain in the extraction sight. When it happens its not severe and only lasts a few seconds. Do I need to be concerned?

Pain When I Drink Water (Answered)

I had just had my braces tightened about 4 days ago. The pain when you bite food has died down and everything seemed normal, but then when I drank water I started to feel a very bad pain in my tooth. Only one of my tooth hurts. The last time I got...

Need Some Answers (Answered)

I have an abscessed tooth it has resulted in a baseball size pocket under my jaw bone, I cannot open my mouth, I have like pressure headaches, eardrum hurting, leg tightness and also my left side kidney just started feeling like needles stabbing it....

Tooth absence (Answered)

I have had a tooth absence for 4 days going on 5 I can’t see my dentist until Monday I have no pain just face swelling that went down. Is it bad to have a tooth absence for over a week. And what can I do in the meantime to treat it so it doesn’t...

Toothache and Swollen Cheek? (Answered)

I woke up with a toothache yesterday it was bad. Then today no pain but in my face, only my cheek is a little swollen from my gums. What is this and how do I cure the swelling and is there a way it can go away? My brother had an issue like this and...

Intense Pain in Jaw, is it just Wisdom teeth?

I am 19 years old and scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed due to impacted teeth but the pain is becoming so immense I feel like it can't just be an impacted tooth and my wisdom teeth coming through. It is at the point where 4 advil only...