Tooth absence

I have had a tooth absence for 4 days going on 5 I can’t see my dentist until Monday I have no pain just face swelling that went down. Is it bad to have a tooth absence for over a week. And what can I do in the meantime to treat it so it doesn’t spread

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Answer: Tooth abscess

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Unfortunately, there is no home remedy for a dental abscess.  You need to see your dentist immediately in order to be placed on an oral antibiotic at minimum until the tooth is treated.  If the tooth is able to be restored, a root canal will be necessary to removed the damaged tissue.  Once this is complete the remaining infection can be resolved with oral antibiotics.  If the tooth cannot be saved, you will need to have it extracted as soon as possible in order to avoid the infection spreading to other teeth and throughout your body.  

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