Fluoridation Questions

I need help with my upper canine tooth, brown! Tooth enamel decaying? Or natural! Please help, bad!

So on my upper canine teeth on the bottom of the tooth there is a very yellowish brownish spot that is very noticable, I don\'t understand what\'s wrong with it, I\'ve tried many home remedies and my overall hygeine is good! I can\'t figure out if...

Stannous Fluoride hurt my teeth

I tried using a toothpaste with stannous fluoride for teeth sensitivity, instead of the one I usually use that contains potassium nitrate for that (I thought it may be more effective). The toothpaste wasn't cold or hot, but initial contact with...

Yellow Stains, and Smelly Mouth (Answered)

Dear sir, greeting!! I'm having problem of yellow stains teeth and sometimes I feel like my mouth smells. I have already applied home remedies,but i still have problem. It even is difficult to smile in public because of yellow teeth. I want to...

Average Price Of Antibiotic For Gums? (Answered)

what is the average charge for locally applied antibiotic on gums.

Is Flouride Mouth Wash Needed Since City Water Has Flouride Already? (Answered)

my dentist reccomended act one floride mouth wash. Is this needed since the water supply has floride and tooth paste (Crest) has it?