Average Price Of Antibiotic For Gums?

what is the average charge for locally applied antibiotic on gums.

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Answer: Localized antibiotic


There are several different localized antibiotics dispensed in dental offices. The two most common  are Arestin and Atridox.  Both Atridox and  Arestin are placed in each infected site (6 total per tooth) of the tooth.  These should only be placed in periodontal pockets with a 5mm or greater measurement.  Before the dental hygienist or dentist prescribes these antibiotics they will perform a full periodontal evaluation where they use a millimeter measurement instrument (periodontal probe) to measure the depth of the 6 areas surrounding each tooth. Usually you will hear the readings called aloud as well as if there is bleeding. Both antibiotics are extremely effective in combination with proper brushing and flossing techniques.  They continue to work for 28 consecutive days.  While prices vary, the average is usually between $35-$50 per site.  There are some medical insurances that do cover the cost of both Arestin and Atridox. If your medical insurance does cover them, you would just be charged a small placement fee.  

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Average Price Of Antibiotic For Gums?

what is the average charge for locally applied antibiotic on gums.

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