Whitening Questions

My teeth are very yellow and misarranged.

My teeth are very yellow and misarranged. please tell treatment. I want to use invisible braces. I also want to remove plaque from teeth. I am 18 years old. could u please tell me based on the photo, should I take plaque removal first and then use...

Am I Suitable for Teeth Whitening? (Answered)

I had braces for around 4 years and that caused a lot of cavities in many of my teeth. The cavities have been filled now but now I want to get my teeth whitened. So will those cavities allow me to whiten my teeth? And also is the back side of the...

Is there a whitening product without Sensitivity side effects? (Answered)

All the teeth whitening products on the market give me extremely sensitivity, so I avoid them. The only thing I do that is OK is to brush with baking soda. Im curious if there are any other products on the market without side effects like this?