Align Technology The Biggest Med Troll in Silicon Valley.

Align Technology: The Biggest Med Troll in Silicon Valley. I am a software expert and have analysed and analysed the Align Technology Alignment Process. On top of that, I analysed the Aligners themselves by taking them apart in a special laboratory. My findings were absolutely shocking and I feel it my responsiblity to communicate my findings to the general public. One of the major concepts the company introduces is something called Orthodontic Caps. It is something similar to the following: "A doctor cuts you open to displace a bone, displaces the bone and then should sow you back up. Instead of sowing you back up, the doctor throws acid on the place where the bone displaced in order to cover his tracks. After this, he sows you back up and throws more acid on the sutures in case someone discovers them. If someone asks him what he did, he claims it was meant to be like this.". The beformentioned Orthodontic Caps, or Capped Faders, are Orthodontic Units to cover up Orthodontic Processes from reverse engineering. They do this in Layers and in hierarchies of Classes, so in the end, your whole jaw melts away in case 'it' decides to move. The Align Technology Doctor would claim this is 'necessary' to prevent Relapse and it was 'meant to be' to help you get that Hollywood Smile. But, ..., ever notice how fast an Orthodontic Relapse goes after taking out one of the Align Technology Aligners or after having Left the Align Technology Firm? The claim from the Align Technology Doctor that he wants to help you is a complete Lie, nothing is 'necessary' or 'meant to be', it is is simply Nonsense. Orthodontic Caps are usually only used in case a Tooth really does not want to stay and they don't even really exist outside of the Align Technology world. Align Technology also introduces Balanced Caps, meant to Balance Out any troublemaking Capped Faders. It effectively Balances all the Caps in your face, in order to make you believe you're getting that Great Hollywood Smile you've always longed for. Instead, Align Technology is Packing up -your- Jaw up and making you more and more their Customer and your Doctor a Slave to Align Technology. Another thing Align Technology does is Case Trolling. This is basically introducing Quirks in your Case. Like a Tooth which could have moved but needs to stay in the Shade. Or the size of an Arch which could have been Wider or Smaller. Or perhaps a little Headache here and there. Or a Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder. Even a problem with your Heart can be introduced. With Brass and Woodwinds there is also much fun and games you can get from Align Technology. Align Technology simply does this to keep the Workflow going, because Align Technologies work, makes you Free. They keep the Workflow going using Databases of Case Types and Grouping Algorithms, which handle the Production of -their- Aligners. Using Databases and Artificial Neural Networks, they can basically Load and Burn an entire Lingual Case Troll to keep you In The Loop of -their- Case Workflow. The Align Technology Certified Doctor will tell you he wants to help you with your Case to make you better. Instead, the Doctor and You are becoming more and more dependant on the Alignment Case Troll. The Alignment Case Troll, a group of Individuals sitting behind Computer Screens in the Firm's Headquarters, decides if it wishes to let you stay or go: if you can go you're left with a Bad Bite and if you must stay you're there to Pay Money. In the Align Technology world they call it a Crash and Burn and a 'Feature' or 'Limitation' of the Technology. Another thing they do is Case Dropping and Prepared Refinements. With Case Dropping and Prepared Refinements, they send a Refinement to your Doctor and at the same time decide to Drop your Case. The reason they do this, is because they think your Case could be risky for their 'good' name in the Business. Say you're close to a Cardiac Arrest wearing one of their future Cases or your Bones are Resorbing, they will just Drop your Case and call it a Cold Zombie or a Freeze and Load (Pending) Case. They then wait, and if nobody can resolve your Case and you are still allright they hop back onto the bandwagon to handle your Case. The reason they send your Doctor a Refinement is to Market the Cold Zombie as another Success in The Align Technology world and keep Align Technology Safe from Harm. Another thing Align Technology does is introduce Chained Backpropagation in their Express Edition Aligners and Refinements. This is again an Artificial Neural Network Output Value, it is a complicated Physics Control which they to Burn (with a Laser) onto the Aligners. You can see them on the Aligners, they are the small Shapes which look like Fish. Now, instead of those Fish helping you a hand to get your teeth into the right position; Align Technology does something else: it Backpropagates you back into the Align Technology Case. They can do this Backpropagation Process endlessly, effectively keeping you as customer for the rest of you Life. Another thing they do is Self Induced Capping or Induced Bite Fading. This is in effect a manner of Orthodontic Processing where you, the humble Patient, are processing yourself. So every correction is processed by your own, constantly weakening, Jaw. You can feel this Self Induced Capping when you wear the Aligners. After a few days, your Jaw not only feels Sore but Weak. This additional Weakness is called Fading or Capping. It eventually destroys you entire Jawbone and resorbs your Roots. They do this to keep your Jaw, and you, weak enough not to leave the Firm to go to another Orthodontist for Treatment. Even if you make it out of the Firm, you will feel weak and exhausted. Another thing they do is Market Projection and Embedded Lingual Hypnosis through Lingual Flow Differentiation. Ever feel uncomfortable wearing the Aligners? Ever feel you are being Aligned but feel there is something not quite right? Even felt you were getting aligned and feeling great? Well, then you're probably being processed for more Aligners. Align Technology does this by changing your Lingual Flow. Eventually you lose orientation and it is bad for your Cardio and you can forget about playing a musical instrument without the support of Align Technology. This is not the only thing Align Technology does. Align Technology also uses aggressive Marketing to make you believe you can get that great Hollywood Smile. They also prevent you, once you are an Align Case, to get a more effective Treatment elsewhere by messing up your Case. This is called Escapee Processing, it keeps you In The Loop of the Align Technology Case. Even if you manage to Escape, it will be difficult to find an Orthodontist who can Control your Case. Another thing it does is Embedded Case Dependency Filtering and Case Piling. What this is, is making you Dependent on Solutions from Align Technology alone, so not from Orthodontists, whilst problems are Piling up. The Dependency Filtering is introduced as Quirks in your Bite, where you feel you cannot solve the Combination of your Bite Problem. If you feel this, then you've probably been Dependency Filtered by Align Technology. The Jaw Classes which end up in your Bite after Dependency Filtering are different from your standard Orthodontic Results Class. As a result of this, you become dependant on the Align Technology Firm to forever solve your Case. They also introduce the most terrifying Processes which even Dogs don't want to know about. For example, they may change your face, using advanced Lingual Orthodontic manipulations to change your Facial Features. But in this case, sometimes only you or your friends will notice the changes in your face and the way you look. They do this because they think you could be Emotionally Bound to the Company and become a Face Processor Customer for Life. They also introduce Psychological techniques to get you fearful about the outcome of your Case. This again is a Dependency Processing to make you more and more their Customer. Align Technology is probably the most Evil, the Biggest Trol in Silicon Valley. It trolls everyone; Patients, Customers, Doctors and so on and so forth. There is so much more I could say about Align Technology. I would advice: "Stay away from Align Technology, it wants you, and wants to keep you and has no ethics whatsoever except for its own ethics." You're much cheaper off with a Good Orthodontist, who works with Lingual or any other Alignment technique or the Orthodontic treatments which do not need to be retained or whatever he prescribes. That way, you can straighten out your teeth and enjoy a healthy life, for the rest of your life.

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