Nice, but took longer than expected.

I had braces when I was a teen, but my teeth slowly moved back to the normal position over the last decade. Now in my late 20s and single, I decided to straighten my teeth again. I was originally quote $6500 for about 15 months of treatment, so I thought what the hell. I made it through my 15 months, but was not 100% happy with the results as a couple of my teeth just wouldn't come down. My ortho did some adjustments and about 3 months later was a bit better and I decided to be happy with the results and move on. Invislaign is not as easy in my opinion as braces was. Braces I didn't have to worry about losing them, dropping them in the trash, or have the lisp that I had with Invisalign. But of course, it is nice to take them out for pictures, when I went out at night or to eat. So it is a double edged sword. In my honest opinion, we should all be happy with our teeth and it builds character. I have girlfriends that are gorgeous and have crooked teeth and some that are not so gorgeous with absolutely straight teeth. We are all perfectly imperfect right? Hope this helps someone.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Location: New York
Insurance Covered: No
Insurance Provider:
Coverage: No coverage, no dental insurance. Only major medical carried.
Doctor: Dr. G.
Recommend Doctor: No
Actual Cost: $ 6,500

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