NO NO to Invisalign

I never had a problem with my bottom teeth being a little crooked. I happened to have a different dentist check my teeth when the hygienist was done with my cleaning. First time she asked if I had thought about Invisalign - I said no. When I went again for my 6 month cleaning, it was the same dentist who came to check my teeth. Again she asked about the Invisalign and went on to say as I got older, my teeth would crowd, my gums would get bad, etc. I am over 50 years and have 2 fillings in my mouth - that's it. I have never had an issue with my teeth. I wish I had never done the invisalign! After 3 years of keeping the trays in faithfully and $6000 out of pocket, I now have bottom teeth that are still crooked and the canine teeth now stick up, my teeth look worse than ever. I had to have composites on several teeth where they were worn away from taking the invisaligns in and out. My teeth were far from straight and I was given hard plastic retainers and told to wear them for oh - 3 or 4 months all the time and she was done with me. The retainer hurt so badly and the thought of taking them in and out every time I ate - forget it - I was done! oh and did I mention my teeth were loose from taking the trays in and out??? I never wore the retainers, my teeth are now solid and who cares if teeth are a little crooked? Not me! I would never recommend this. And after all this, one is supposed to wear retainers at night for the rest of their life or the teeth move back. (retainers were $175 each and of course if you have to wear them for life, you better get a few at that price. ha! I think it is a money maker for the dentists (mine who happened to be putting her son through dentistry school.) hmmmm

Rating: 1 out of 5
Location: Marlborough, MA USA
Insurance Covered: No
Insurance Provider:
Coverage: No coverage
Actual Cost: $ 6,000

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