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I had traditional braces as a kid. Got Invisalign at 46 because I was looking for a new job. Pros: 1. Teeth cleaning is easy 2. Helps you lose weight because of the hassle of removing them. Cons: 1. Not invisible 2. Talking lisp (have had for 6 months and still talk a little funny) 3. Have to take out to eat or brink (unless water or through a straw) 4. Difficult to clean aligners as they get gunked up from mouth juices. Soaking isn't enough. You have to brush them too. 5. Difficult to take out especially if you have some brackets. 6. Because each tray is different your mouth has to readjust every time. W traditional braces you get used to the brackets. 7. Need to wear at least 20 hours a day or treatment will be extended.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Location: Clearwater, FL
Insurance Covered: Yes
Insurance Provider: Humana
Coverage: $2000
Doctor: Devito Orthodontics
Recommend Doctor: Yes
Actual Cost: $ 4,800

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