Was Skeptical of Invisalign, But Was Well Worth It

I had extreme crowding in my teeth and some dentist said that Invisalign was not an option. I looked for an Invisalign Premier dentist and found a local doctor that was very confident he could straighten out my teeth with Invisalign. I am a teacher and did not want to get braces on when most of my students have them. I would be a bit embarrassed. So I went with Invisalign and no one noticed. The treatment time was about 16 months to get my teeth straight and now I wear retainers at night. I am more than happy with the results and can now smile with confidence. My chewing has also improved now that my teeth fit together kinda like a bear trap.
Rating: 5 out of 5
Location: Oregon
Insurance Covered: No
Insurance Provider:
Coverage: I don't have dental insurance. And my medical insurance will not cover any dental issues.
Actual Cost: $ 6,900

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