Wonderfull way to straighten teeth

After reading many mixed reveiws of invisalign i have finally decided to write my own reveiw of this fantastic product. For years i was very aware of my severly over-crowded teeth(my ortho's description), until i finally decided to look into correcting them. As a 27 year old male working in education i did not want traditional braces not only because of asthetic reasons, i did not want to have to change my diet either. After many hours of scouring the internet for a suitable provider, i recieved quotes ranging from 2400-5000 pounds, naturally i decided on the cheapest, and i am SO glad i did. I decided on an orthodentist located in Soham,Cambridgeshire.I was quoted 2400 pounds, including all xrays,consultancies,full invisalign including 3 sets of refinements if needed,free unlimited whitening for two years, free repair to damaged or worn teeth and 2 years free after care-almost to good to be true!Soham dental are the biggest provider of invisalign in the UK,which is why they can do it so cheep.My ortho is very experienced and actually lectures on how to treat with invisalign. Anyway, After having my first impressions taken,2 weeks later my computerised animation of how my teeth will move was emailed to me and 1 week later my trays were ready to be picked up-33upper 26-lower. Mmy first trays were the worst but still not that bad at all.You soon get used to having them in your mouth,taking them out to eat,brushing then putting them back in.I wear them for as close to 23hrs as possible-IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMMITT TO IT, IT WONT WORK! I change mine every week as instructed to(quicker than usual i know).After tray 10 you really start to notice change,this is because the first few trays focus on moving the back teeth in order to allow the front teeth to move.Now on tray 29 upper and looking great!Bottom teeth are in the refinement process and looking superb.Overall i'm extreamly happy with invisalign and would reccomend to anyone!!You get what you put in to it!
Rating: 5 out of 5
Location: Soham U.K
Insurance Covered: No
Insurance Provider:
Actual Cost: $ 2,400

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