Best Decision I have Made In My Life

I had a severe overbite that caused pretty bad TMJ and jaw popping. I tried braces twice when I was younger however my jaws were just too far off. I found a great surgeon and orthodontist that work together to help correct my jaw issue. Since I had braces already, my total time with braces was only 1 year. The surgery was actually not too bad and easier than getting your wisdom teeth taken out. I am a skinny guy so I decided to put on weight before the surgery so I wouldn't lose too much. I recovered quickly and did well. I highly recommend this surgery to anyone with a bite that is off. A functional bite is very important to a persons health, profile, eating, etc.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Location: New York, New York
Insurance Covered: Yes
Insurance Provider: Cigna
Coverage: My insurance company covered everything but the orthodontics. I had to fight with them though, but eventually got it covered.
Actual Cost: $ 28,000

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