jaw surgery

I was very nervous to have the surgery. I knew it would change my life though. I was not able to bite correctly and it was starting to cause pain and give me TMj problems. I didn\'t like taking pictures because I hated how I looked when I smiled. After Talking to my orthodontist he decided to do braces first to align everything as much as he could to make the surgery go as easy as possible. After 12 months of braces I went for the surgery. To my surprise it went very smoothly. I was sore for about 2 weeks afterwards but the recovery was better then expected. I then had 6 more months of braces to Finnish aligning things just perfect. I couldn\'t be more happier with my smile and profile now. I love having my picture taken now:)

Rating: 4 out of 5
Location: miami
Insurance Covered: Yes
Insurance Provider: Delta Dental
Coverage: My treatment was all covered by insurnace I had to pay for my braces though because I did not have orthodontic coverage.
Actual Cost: $ 7,000

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