Surgery so successful, it helped launch

I am absolutely thrilled about and appreciative of my results every single day, every single time I bite down, and with every morsel of food I chew. I couldn't be happier with the results, both functionally and cosmetically. It seemed like a long 2-3 year journey at the beginning, but having fully recovered, it's easy to see how relatively minimal that time investment is, now that I can enjoy my new bite for the rest of my life! My experience led me to start a blog on the entire process, which to my joy, has morphed into an amazing community full of supportive present, past, and future jaw surgery patients:

Rating: 5 out of 5
Location: Richmond, VA USA
Insurance Covered: Yes
Insurance Provider: Cigna
Coverage: My insurance covered the entire actual surgery, though I had to pay for braces out of pocket.
Doctor: Dr. Ross N. Wlodawsky
Recommend Doctor: Yes
Actual Cost: $ 6,000
Image 1:
Image Caption 1: Bite before surgery
Image 2:
Image Caption 2: After surgery

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