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  • Is It Hard To Wear Headgear Full Time?

    hello,my question is about headgear. I have metal brackets and compination headgear for 6 months now. Wearing time for headgear is 16h day, but i cant get those hours full at all. My ortho nominate me that he do next visit wired in headgear for...

  • dentistry term

    I recently visited my dentist about getting braces and how much they would cost. They were around $5,000. But my dentist said that I had medicaid and that medicaid normally covered my braces. When I went to check they said I had to have 18 point of...

  • Can an orthodontist follow up with me for my braces?

    Hello, I hope you are doing great. Here is my concern: I will wear braces by next week in Morocco ( As I'm awaiting my Green Card, I expect to travel to the U.S (NJ) anytime during the coming months, and I'm...

  • Orthodontics and surgery

    Took my twelve year old daughter to the ortho in 2011 and was told my daughter would need jaw surgery in a few years and to meet w a surgeon. He explained that although she was a pretty girl there was only so much he could do to fix her profile...

  • Slanted smile

    My orthodontist had me to start wearing a thingy at night. It goes around and in my mouth, i have a strap thingy to hold it in place. I have noticed that when i smile one side is lower than the other. I also sleep on my side so im wondering if its...

  • Do I need braces, Front Teeth Don't Line Up?

    My front teeth don't line up with my back teeth they also overlap each other, like top over the bottom. Do I need braces or not?

  • Top Braces and Expander

    Can you get top braces on with an expander in already??

  • Smoking and Adult Braces

    Hello, I recently have gotten Adult braces put in to straighten my teeth and have been a smoker for 20 yrs Now ! What will smoking do to my teeth while I am wearing braces ??

  • My bite

    I got my braces off 9 months ago, i wear my retainers every night. Every time i bite down, the very back molars only touch, no other teeth touch. I think its because my back molars are growing upwards. Do you think i will need braces and elastics to...

  • Braces Final Wire

    My orthodontics on my last visit informed me I was getting my final wire on . I would like to know how long till the braces come of? How long is each cycle of wire?

  • Baby Teeth and Braces

    Can you still have baby teeth and get braces?

  • Unwanted Gaps When Other Gaps Close

    ok so my orthodontist put in stops for my gaps to close up between my front teeth and my mollers. i know some teeth move to create space for others but is it normal for my front teeth creating gaps with the stops in??

  • Overbite Jaw Hurting

    hello my daughter has an overbite she is 13 years old and she needs to wait till may 18,13 and she says her jaw is hurting really bad do you think she needs to get braces for it .

  • Biting down on teeth

    My orthodontist tells me to bite down on my teeth 900 times a day. What is the benefit from this because I don\'t see a difference in my teeth.

  • Black stuff

    I have braces, and im new to them and i woke up this morning and saw that i have some kind of black outline or some kind of black stuff all around my brackets… and i cant take it off..i tried to see if it would come off by using tooth picks. and i...

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