Bite Plate and Mouth Guard In At The Same Time?

My daugheter is getting braces and a bite ramp/plate in a week. She plays basketball at the high school varsity level and will need to wear a mouthguard to help protect her teeth. Will she be able to have a mouthguard in with the bite ramp/plate in place?

Answer: No, wear the mouthguard only when playing basketball

By Expert 3

I am not sure when your daughter has to wear the biteplate. It may be fulltime or just in the evening and bed. But when your daughter is playing basketball. She MUST wear her mouthguard at all time. When you go to see the orthodontist bring your mouthguard to the orthodontist as he/she  will make sure it fits over her braces. Your daughter probably grinds her teeth and therefore needs the biteplate with her braces. It is a common practice. The biteplate will be a hard plastic and the mouthguard should be a soft plastic and bendable to fit over all teeth. Good Luck and I hope she does well in basketball also.