Braces and Wisdom Teeth

I need to get braces and still have my wisdom teeth. Will that cause a problem?

Answer: If wisoom teeth are already erupted and aligned it will cause no problem

By Expert 3

If all your wisdom teeth are erupted and aligned properly, you should not have any problems with the braces. All orthodontic treatment are different on everybody, each case will have its own treatment plan. I will presume that your orthodontist had already has  your treatment plan and did see that you have your wisdom teeth.  If he/she is going to put your braces on with your wisdom teeth still there, he/she already knows that your wisdom teeth will not be a problem for you. If there were a problem your orthodontist would have had you removed all wisdom teeth before braces.  I would ask this question to your orthodontist- as sometimes patients will get the wisdom teeth taken out after the treatment is done. Like I said- every treatment is different.  Good Luck to having the perfect smile for the rest of your life.