Braces Teeth Connected At Root?

My son is 10 years and has his left front tooth growing behind his right coming in sideways. We went to an orthodontist. My son got braces and they started to move the tooth to the front. A year later the left tooth is behind the right tooth. The doctor said the tooth won't move sideways. The Dr. and the pediatric dentist took x-rays say they can't see the root and that the roots look connected. They are thinking about a cat scan to see the roots? I'm looking for a second opinion or suggestions? These are adult teeth and they are thinking we have to pull them if the roots are connected. Is it possible for roots to be connected? Shouldn't they have checked if the roots were connected before we got the braces? I don't have any pictures of his mouth.

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Answer: Tooth gemination

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It is possible for two teeth to share one root.  This happens approximately 0.1-0.2% in permanent dentition, usually in a single rooted tooth with a single canal.  It is referred to as tooth gemination.   The exact cause of tooth gemination is unknown, however possible factors include vitamin deficiency and hormonal imbalances during formation.  A CT scan, different from a cat scan, will allow the dentist or orthodontist to see the exact location of the roots and surrounding bone.  Radiographs, or dental x-rays are only two-dimensional, therefore it is not always possible to see if the teeth are connected or are in front or behind one another.  If the tooth needs to be removed, they may be able to close the space with orthodontics, or place a dental implant once the orthodontics is completed.  

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