Can carriere motion be applied on second molar?

hi. I have got my right first molar extracted due to cracked tooth syndrome. initially i planned to get my braces on early this month but was delayed due to my cracked tooth syndrome. now, another option was given - carriere motion application- which actually needs my first molar as a support. can this be done in any other way?

Answer: Carriere Motion Appliance Criteria

By Sarah h

Unfortunately, the Carriere motion appliance attaches to the maxillary cuspid or bicuspid and first molar. Due to the design and length, unless the second molar has shifted into first molar position, it would be too long of a distance. The appliance effectively treats a Class II occlusion in bilateral, unilateral and mixed dentition cases. This appliance is used at the beginning of treatment when there are no other interference's. You can be treated with traditional brackets and rubber bands to treat the Class II relationship. Your orthodontist will have treatment options for you, do not get discouraged.