Can Orthodontics Be Covered Under Medical Insurance?

When can orthodonics be covered under a medical side of insurance?

Answer: Depends On The Reason For Orthodontics

By Expert

Orthodontics is usually considered cosmetic under insurance companies. Medical insurance may cover procedures that are deemed medically necessary and vary case by case. Examples in which your medical insurance may cover orthodontics is when there are facial deformities, speech impediments, severe jaw pain, etc.

In these cases your insurance company may cover the entire treatment that is associated with your medical condition. In most cases when surgery is involved the orthodontics, the combination treatment will be considered the medically necessary and not cosmetic.

When braces and orthodontics are used to straighten teeth and for cosmetic purposes your dental plan is the place to start to seek coverage. Dental insurance is known to cover partial treatment and could vary by age. It is important that you call your insurance company to find out your specific coverage.