Correcting negative results of braces

I had braces at age 16, over 35 years ago, back in the day when pulling four teeth was the thing to do. Slight crowding on top, and more of a crowding on bottom. I was a \"borderline\" case, and very much regret my decision to have braces. I recently learned that a palate expander should have been used. I don\'t know why it wasn\'t. Unfortunately for me, the shape of my mouth/jaw was changed in a negative way. My teeth are straight, but my smile is not as nice as it was before braces. I\'m the only person I know whose had this kind of experience. Lucky me! Is there anything that can be done to make the shape of my mouth more like it used to be prior to braces? Thank you for your assistance, C. Lauder

Answer: See a orthodontist

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Try and find a orthodontist that offers FREE consultation.

The older we get, it is harder to move teeth, but can be done. I have personally put braces on people over 65 of age. It was worth it.

Tell the orthodontist your concern, and possible be corrected with retainers instead of braces.

Good Luck