Does orthodontic bite block cause breathing breathing?

I have bite blocks on my rear teeth on both sides of my mouth to prevent me from biting down and braking my bottom braces. However because of the bite guards I tend to breath in too much air, I wake up with a dry mouth (not due to my mouth being open) and when I eat I also take in too much air and end up choking. Is it possible that these bite block can cause breathing problems?

Answer: Breathing Issues With Bite Blocks

By Sarah h

More than likely you are waking up with a dry mouth due to your mouth being open. The bite blocks prevent you from closing completely, which placed your jaw relationship in an entirely new place. It may also cause your lips to naturally rest slightly open. Once you are completely asleep, it is impossible for you to know what your at rest place in unless you are being video recorded the entire time. It is also important you take more time to cut and chew your food into smaller pieces and take your time adjusting. It is probably only coincidence that you are experiencing more labored breathing than before the bite blocks were placed.