Front tooth turning inward

I have had braces since November of 2011. I had a space between my front teeth. I have had braces in the past and a permanent retainer was attached to the back of my two front teeth, this lasted 14 years until it broke. I wrongly assumed that after 14 years, I would be OK not to have it reattached. I was wrong, my teeth separated yet again. I got braces again this last year. The problem started when I had to have a root canal. The impression materiel got stuck on my braces and the dentist pulled it off causing the band to separate. The orthodontist was out on vacation so the dentist said that he had put the wire back. It felt loose, I mentioned this to him and he said \"no it is fine\". However, afterwards I began to notice that my front right tooth has started to drop and turn inwards towards my left front tooth. I mentioned this to my orthodontist but she said it was OK and that they could \"file it down\" when the treatment was completed. I am not comfortable with having my teeth filed, especially since I paid for braces to straighten them out. My question is; could the loose wire have caused this, the tooth to drop and turn in? They, the dental clinic, said that it was my teeth, to which I responded, I have had braces before and this DID not happen. I am at a point in which I am considering telling them to take the braces off to prevent further damage. What would you recommend? The dentist and the orthodontist work out of the same clinic.

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