Getting traditional braces after Invisalign

I recently finished my Invisalign treatment and wear my retainers every night however one of the main reasons i decided to get Invisalign was to fix my overbite. After the first 31 trays I told my orthodontist how I wasn’t happy about still having my overbite, he made some refinements but still saw no difference. My teeth are straight but still have an overbite and I feel like my teeth don’t align the way they should. If I get traditional braces, will they fix this problem? Will it be cheaper since my teeth are already straight?

Answer: Traditional Orthodontics After Invisalign

By Sarah h

It is unfortunate that your goals and expectations were not met during your treatment. Overbites are usually corrected after alignment with placement and use of rubber bands. This can be accomplished with Invisalign as an advanced movement. Porcelain brackets need to be placed and the aligners fitted properly around the brackets for rubber band attachment. Unfortunately having traditional orthodontics after Invisalign will more than likely not change the cost. Brackets and wires will still need to be placed as well as periodic visits in order to track your progress. Your treatment may or may not be shorter depending on what is needed to accomplish your treatment goals.