Hook on braces?

I have hook things on top of 2 of my brackets. They are both 3 from the left one on top and one on the bottom.what are they and what can I do to make them stop cutting my mouth? I am a 14 year old female. I have had braces and an expander for 7 months because 2 of my teeth were growing in at an angle (second premolar on top and bottom 4 from right) and I have a slight overbite.

Answer: It comes with the bracket (hooks)

By BracesInfo.com Expert 3

The brackets you are talking about is on the canine tooth, the pointy tooth. The come with the hook on it for future elastic wear.

If its cutting your gum, call the orthodontist and go see them, they will be able to bend it a bit so it will not be uncomfortable, till you go put some wax on the tip of the hook, so it will irriatate you too much.

keep up the good work, and have patience, they will all fall into place and you will have the perfect smile for the rest of your life.