How Much Does It Cost To Have Braces Removed

I have had braces for the last 4 years and i am not able to have my orthodontist because i am away at school in the us.i was told by her that they are ready to be removed. I am interested in knowing how much it will cost to remove them. She remove the top one before i left for college and i only have the bottom ones. Please i would like to know how much it would cost to have them removed

Answer: remove lower braces

By Expert 5

Hello! my suggestion is to go to an orthodontist and have them do a consult with you. Most offices will work with you on prices if you had treatment somewhere else and are unable to return.Seeing how you only have them on the bottom it may not be that expensive. The average cost to just remove the lower braces can vary. It is normally from $200 to $500 to just take the braces off only. keep in mind that when the braces come off you will need some type of retainer to keep the teeth in place and keep them how they are right now with the braces on. This they will add an additional charge on top of the fee to remove the braces.You went through having braces that long you really shouldnt have to chance it and not get a retainer then in the future have to have them placed on again. If you are unable to pay the full price right away they may allow you to split it into 2 payments. Most offices will collect half or all the price on first appointment. This would be to remove the braces and if you get the retainer they would take an impression for the retainer. The second half would be collected at the time you would go pick up the retainer.  Before you do anything make sure you get the total cost when you go and ask for payment options.