How much does just removing braces cost

my niece has recently come to live with me, she has braces, she is to have them removed in march 2012 - i just wonder what it will cost me for the remaining adjustment and removal of these. i will have to pay cash since i can not ad her to my insurance since i dont have a court assigned custody of her.

Answer: Find a orthodontist that offers FREE consultation

By Expert 3

Try and find a orthodontist in your area that offers FREE consultation. He/she will then be able to talk to you about your nieces treatment.

Every orthodontist will charge a different price because they may include retainers also. Also its possible to continue the treatment for not too much money. It would be ashamed to remove them if she is almost done.

Most orthodontist will take a payment plan also. (possible you will be able to declare it on your income tax.)

Good Luck