Crooked Teeth

I Like My Imperfect Teeth, Why Should I Get Braces?

I find that imperfections are rather perfect. My teeth don't look like celebrities or models, but they are white, clean, functional and beautiful in their own respect. However when I went to see my dentist, she was very rude and insisted I needed braces and that my teeth were rather ugly. How dare her right? Are there other reasons to get braces, other than purely for aesthetic reasons? Like if I don't get braces now, will I regret it later? I really don't see the need and can think of many other things to do with the money to help our planet rather than help my teeth look better in someone elses eyes. Thank you Jamie

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Answer: It is your decision

By Expert 10

In most cases, getting braces is for aesthetic purposes.  While many have bite issues such as underbites, overbites and crossbites, it is still ultimately their decision whether or not to get braces and go through the journey.  Just because your teeth are not perfect does not mean you need braces as well. Shame on your dentist for pushing you and saying that stuff.  She should know better and introduce you to the idea rather than push it. I assume she is in it for the money. A good orthdontist loves what they do and creating smiles.  While surely they like making a living out of it as well, they would never push a client into braces.  I personally love your attitude.  Here at, we beleive everyone is beautiful and we should all smile everyday regardless if our teeth our perfect.   We are here to help you make educated decisions and in your case, I think you are better off not going through treatment.  Your confidence is really conveyed in your question and I can tell that you will not regret this decision.  I would leave your dentist though and find someone more caring. If you did decide to straighten your teeth in the future, you look like a great candidate for Invisalign.   I hope this helps and best of to you.


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