Sharp Wires in Braces

I need relief from sharp dental wires.

Can I use oral gel to numb my cheeks in order to stop the discomfort of my dental wires from cutting into my cheeks while I eat? The wires are located near my back molars. They are not broken, just sharp.

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Answer: Orthodontic Wire Pain

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Orajel is safe for all oral mucosa, however, most pharmacies or superstores such as Walmart carry dental wax. It is located in the toothbrush and toothpaste isle. Normally it is white or clear wax that comes in a plastic box. A small amount of dental wax can be placed over the wire (pushing it gently into the bracket) to protect the cheek from further abrasions and allow it time to heal. At your next orthodontic visit be sure they cut the ends of the wires, to ensure your comfort.

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Answer: Orthodontic Wax

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Oral gel will numb the abrasions temporarily, however it is best to purchase orthodontic wax to place over the sharp edges in order to prevent further damage to your tissues. Be sure to mention to your orthodontist that the wires need to be trimmed at your next orthodontic visit.

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