Is it necessary for an orthodontist to drill the gums?

I got my braces removed yesterday and I have an issue with the results. He removed the actual brackets like normal but then he did something that I didn't know was coming. So during the process of him sanding the glue away with the drill, he also drilled into my gums. The technician did tell me that there will be blood before he started. When he was done, they told me to go rinse and brush really good, but when I looked into the mirror and my mouth was FULL OF BLOOD!! My gums were bloody and steady bleeding. Not only that, my teeth appeared way bigger than I remembered them to be. I then noticed it was because I couldn't see as much of my gums as I did prior when I smiled. Now when I smile, all you see are teeth, barely anymore gums. It literally looks like he pushed my upper gum-line up and my bottom gum-line down. My gums are still scarred and I literally cannot brush my teeth because of how painful it is.

I have a soft bristle brush and when I LIGHTLY slide my brush of my teeth, some of the bristles hit my gums and they begin bleeding again. Now, I did my research and watched a few videos before I got them removed, and never did I read about or see anything about them drilling into the gums. Is this normal?! Why did he have to do that? I asked the technician and she said he had to go into the gums a little bit to help scrape at the teeth so they aren't two-toned. That is different than making my smile look like I have receding gums! I know my gums will eventually heal, but will my gums grow back to normal after some time? I'm not say my smile is ugly, in fact everyone tells me I look great, but I am not used to seeing my smile look this way. I actually did like my gums kind of showing when I smiled and I really wasn't expecting my smile to be the way it is now. I can understand if he was trying to give me that "Hollywood perfect" smile, but I think he should have asked me before drilling away my gums. I hope someone can answer me soon, Thank You!

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Answer: Same

By Michael Nguyen

This literally just happened to me and I was shocked over the blood as well, my friends and family don't even know why they did what they did and ive never seen this done either when getting your braces removed.

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