Is my treatment going well?

Hi, I am a little under half way in my treatment with a class III mouth. I have an underbite and did have crooked teeth but they have straightened. I used to have only part the top jaw with braces ( put on September 14, 2011) and wore headgear at night for about 4 months (from October till January 30), then I got my lower braces put on january 30, except 1 ( lower left second molar from front) and the rest of my upper braces put on except one( upper left canine). Now my teeth are pretty much straight but the two we are waiting On are still not tall enough to get brakets on. Is there a way to speed up growth? The canine is almost there, but the molar looks like its barely grown since I got the baby tooth pulled almost a year ago. Any help is appreciated. Oh and some background info on my mouth: I didn't get my teeth in till I was 1 year old, I didn't start loosing teeth till 1 st grade and continued to slowly loose teeth till last August when I got the last of my baby teeth (8) pulled.

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