Lower and upper jaw positioning is not same

Hey sir how r u? Im right now having braces treatment since 2 n a half years and till now theres little difference in my teeth. My dentist says tht u will have to go for upper jaw surgery to move it back besides this everything is perfect. Im going to upload photo plz tell me the solution. Im so much awkward with my lower jaw as its far back but upper one is not like so. Whenever I shave I see a huge difference in my face. My face looks small and not attractive but due to beard it gets covered so my lower jaw doesnt get prominent. Please let me know that ive to get forsus or herbst appliance or rubber bands, pallate expander or what else? Im getting nervoused

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Answer: Upper and lower jaw positioning

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give any opinion without current dental radiographs including a cephalometic film or CT scan.  Wearing rubber bands and different orthodontic appliances using assist with positioning unless there is a skeletal issue.  Pallatal expanders are used for the maxillary arch during your growth phases, not for moving the lower jaw forward.  While you are still being treated with orthodontics, have a consult with an oral surgeon who performs orthoganathic surgery.  It is a life changing surgery for those that commit to it and the recovery process has improved greatly over the last few years.  You will need to be in full brackets and wires for surgery and sometime after, therefore now is a great time to have a consult.  You are at a perfect age to have the surgey with a great result and good healing.  This surgery has become very routine over the last few years, there is no reason to be nervous after all your questions have been answered by your surgeon. 

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